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Uniting the Kingdom


Humble Beginnings

Humble Beginnings


Chief Apostle Jesse Sutton started his walk with God on June 19th of 1984. on that day he was baptized in the name of Jesus Christ and filled with the Holy Ghost at His Holy Temple Church of Christ. Under the late Elder Frank Davis, Chief Apostle was trained in Evangelism ministry. Months later he was ordained and consecrated into the office of an Elder on December 3, 1994. In this role he was determined to bring encouragement to the people of God by way of the gospel. Two years later on in October of 1996, Chief Apostle was promoted into the office of a Bishop. He received his title as an Apostle on September 6th of 2014. He has since been walking out his call with power and authority. 

He has been focused on Bridging the gap in cultures by way of the Gospel message. From May of 2000 to July of 2005, he was a member of the General Assembly of Apostolic Believers. In June of 2001, God used him to create and build Healing Waters Outreach Ministries, located in Calvert County, Maryland. Over the next 2 years he founded the Apostolic Oasis International Fellowship Ministries and the Apostolic Oasis International Speakers Bureau. In the years 2014 and 2015 Chief Apostle founded Global Regional Conference Coordinators and the Global Enrichment Ministries in Clio, Alabama.

His Now

Chief Apostle is currently presiding over the Uniting The Kingdom International Ministries located in many states within the U.S., the United Kingdom, Jamaica, India, Canada, and Trinidad. He is also the Overseer of Divine Glory Ministries, Inc. located in Tallahassee Florida. While Overseer, he has connected Divine Glory Ministries, Inc. with World Power Gospel Radio and Born Winners Network, allowing the woman of God, Apostle Melinda Jones Sutton to preach on platforms never reached by her. This man of God has implemented and maintained a virtual ministry for men worldwide called Men Moving Forward 8, where he uses his gift to minister to the broken hearted and empower men of God that are on the rise.

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His Next

Even as this mighty man of God has founded and established many organizations and ministries, there is still more work for his hands to do. Journey and partner with the man of God as he continues to break barriers, implements new visions, and go to new heights in God. Apostle Sutton is currently working with Apostle Melinda Jones Sutton on an autobiography detailing his life and the power of God working through him. He is also in the process of planning a world wide conference for Men Moving Forward 8 to serve as a catalyst for men in the Kingdom. Lastly, Chief Apostle works diligently to identify areas where the gospel needs to be preached in order to plant churches. 

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